Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops – Durable and Enduring Beauty in a Huge Variety of Styles


Earth’s Resilient Treasure

Made from one of the earth’s hardest material, quartz countertops are among the most durable options you can consider for your kitchen. Quartz does not actually have a color of its own but due to the intervention of some impurities that play upon it colorless skin, it can easily adopt various attractive shades, which include earthy brown, cream and black, apple green, fire-engine red and many other unique colors that will blend with your kitchen features.

Vital Facts About Quartz

Quartz is often found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. It is an amalgamation of oxygen and silicon combined in a crystal pattern. It has a highly tough composition, making it incredibly resistant to heat. It responds to the regular wear and tear quite well that is why it is a wonderful option for many homeowners these days.

Resin binders make quartz countertops nonporous. Therefore, mildew, mold and stain-causing bacteria cannot penetrate the surface, which makes it an antimicrobial material for your countertops. Unlike wood or stone, quartz does not need to be sealed. Surface stains can be easily removed with the use of a cleaning scrub.

Quartz surfaces are now being used in vanities, kitchens, floors, bathrooms and countertops. Its versatilities and applications are also endless.

Why Choose Quartz Countertops?

If you are still unsure whether quartz countertops are the best for your kitchen, it might be best to take a closer look to its perks. Trust Ottawa Stone Master for the highest quality Quarts countertops for your kitchen and take full advantage of its exceptional benefits which include the following:

Low Maintenance


Style and Design

What are the Pros of Quartz Countertops?

Quartz countertops purchased from Ottawa Stone Master have a variety of benefits that make it an attractive purchase:

  • It is non-porous in nature and as such there is no scope for water seeping into the crevices or any bacterial infestation.
  • As one of the most durable minerals, Quartz countertops need absolutely no maintenance.
  • They are never in need of polishing or resealing. While it has the same durability as concrete or granite, there is no fear of it ever cracking. Furthermore, it has a smooth feel to the touch which is quite the relief from the hardness that generally comes with tough minerals.
  • Extremely resistant to wear, can endure extremely hot conditions, and impossible to either stain or scratch.
  • It can be used in any capacity, completely safe for handling food items. You may leave food items open on the table surface and rest assured that they won’t be exposed to any form of im-purities.
  • Owing to its original quality as a colorless mineral and Quartz being a manufactured product, it’s extremely attractive and comes in a variety of shades and colors, something that is not readily available in Granite or Marble.
  • All in all, a Quartz countertop is the perfect purchase for someone who’s looking for a very con-temporary and modern look, while being averse to maintenance issues.

Get the Best Quality Quartz Countertops now!

Once you have decided that you need quartz countertops in your home, do not hesitate to contact the professional at Ottawa Stone Master immediately. Whatever color, pattern or shade you want for your kitchen, we have everything for you. We provide the highest quality service that will exceed your expectations.

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