Marble Countertops

Classic and Appealing Marble Countertops in Ottawa, Kanata and Orleans


An Ideal Combination of Style, Performance and Splendour

Lustrous, dramatic and elegant, marble certainly adds a distinct atmosphere to vanities, walls, flooring, kitchens and bathrooms. Made from natural stone, marble countertops are highly resistant to breakage, cracks and scratches. They have unique properties that make them an appealing addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Due to the stunning style and beauty, as well as the its pristine white color and exquisite texture, marble has been a popular material for fireplaces, offices and bathrooms.

Facts about Marbles

Marble is actually a metamorphic rock made up of dolomite or re-crystallized calcite. Most marbles have the ability to hold a high polish. They also come in various colors, which include yellow, purple, blue, gray and green, with different range of hues within each of them. White marble is also adaptable. It means that you can mix it well with a variety of materials and different styles such as tile, wood and stainless steel.

If you are looking for a modernist and sleek countertop, then marble is the right material you may want to install in your property.


Advantages of Marble Countertops

  • More Matchless Design Capabilities
    Although marble is a very durable material, it is actually softer to work with than other stone materials used for a counter. Therefore, the overall workability of marble countertops is much better. If you are searching for fancy edges, as well as some other fabrication advantages, marble countertops should be considered.
  • Unique Style and Color
    Marble countertops come in a wide range of different styles and hues. The color of a marble is determined by the location or area it was mined and the finishing procedure highlights its glow and natural colors. Because it is a natural stone that needs to be mined, you can ensure that every piece of marble countertop built in your bathroom or kitchen is unique. It may be hard to find matching marble countertops. This gives you an assurance that your marble countertops will always be unmatched.
  • Scratch and Crack Resistant
    Marble countertops are highly resistant to breakage, cracks and scratches because they are made from natural stone. In fact, it would take a great deal of power or force to damage this material. In most cases, the only thing that could damage marble countertops is intentional destruction or a natural disaster. The unique properties of marble countertops make them an attractive addition to your kitchen or bathroom.

Why Ottawa Stone Master?

Ottawa Stone Master is your reliable provider for the highest quality marble countertops in the market. Our marble countertops are durable and sturdy. They come in different styles and color, allowing you to get the right one for your property.

No matter what style or design of countertops you want, we have the best ones that will suit your tastes. Our professional installers are highly trained to provide the right service for our customers.

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