Granite Kitchen Countertops in Ottawa, Kanata and Orleans

Improve the aesthetics and increase your home value with unique, stylish and quality kitchen countertops in Ottawa, Kanata and Orleans area.

Known as the heart of a home, the kitchen is one of the busiest parts of a house. It is where you spend a considerable amount of time baking, cleaning and preparing meal for you or your family, and the countertop has a huge role on that part. For this reason, it is vital to have a quality countertop to get the best experience possible in your kitchen.

Whether you are building a new kitchen or you are tired of your old one and want to enhance the aesthetic value of your property, kitchen countertops are durable and stylish investments you should always consider. With the wide array of materials, styles, designs and colors of countertops these days, you can certainly find the best one that will suit your taste.

Every homeowner in Ottawa, Kanata and Orleans deserves a magnificent experience every time they enter their kitchen. This is made possible by installing quality countertops from Ottawa Stone Master. Our services are offered with customers in mind, ensuring that they attain brilliant experience every time they work with us. No matter what you need, experts at Ottawa Stone Master can assist you in finding and installing the kitchen countertops you love.

Advantages of Quality Kitchen Countertops from Ottawa Stone Master

With the number of countertop service providers and materials available in the market these days, finding the right one seems to be a daunting task. At Ottawa Stone Master, we make the process easier and more convenient for everyone. We are your one-stop shop for the highest quality materials and services that will meet your needs.

  • Wide Range of Kitchen Countertop Options
    Countertops make up a huge portion of the kitchen and have a big impact in its overall design. Installing the most appropriate countertops is crucial, as it can make or break the appearance of your kitchen. If you want to stay trendy, you can call our experts or visit our website for updates about new designs, styles, colors and trends.

    We have a huge range of countertop options that will certainly match your style and the feel and you look you want for your kitchen. Whether you want the natural appeal of granite, the attractive and sleek aesthetic of quarts or the durability of marble, we have the right stones for your needs. Our proficient installers are high trained to provide top-notch services for our clients.

  • Our Customers are our Top Priority
    Quality customer service is the primary foundation of our business. The needs of our clients come first, so we make sure that each of you is satisfied and happy with the services we provide. At Ottawa Stone master, we make sure that you get value for every cent you spend.
  • Expert Installation Guaranteed
    No matter how stylish and attractive your kitchen countertop is, if it is not properly installed then -everything is vain. We are employed with dedicated and reputable professionals with long years of experience in the industry. No matter what kitchen countertop you want to install in your home, you can guarantee that only the skilled experts will do the job for you.

    We only use state-of-the-art materials and products. Our installers are skilled and know exactly what type of service will suit you and will give value to your money. No project is too small or large us. We treat every service seriously, so do not hesitate to contact our reliable team of experts to deliver unrivalled services that will exceed your expectations.

Choose the Right Countertop Materials

Once you have decided that you need unique countertops, the next think you have to consider is the materials suitable for your kitchen and that matches your taste. For your guide, here are some of the excellent countertop materials you can choose from.


This is an igneous rock made up of crystals. It is considered as one of the oldest types of all rocks, and is often located in the continental plates of the crust of the earth. Granite has been gaining so much popularity as a material used to build construction. With its dense grain, granite polishes to an attractive high gloss. Granite is also a low maintenance countertop used by a lot of homeowners these days.



This material is ultra-durable. It can resist scratches, chip and even high temperatures, making it a practical option for many homeowners, especially for those requiring a low-maintenance countertop. It is also acid and stain resistant and cleanup is very easy. It has a very modern appeal and is also extremely stylish.



Nothing can really compare to the beauty that marble brings. Marble countertops have been gaining so much popularity over the years because of its classic, smooth and unique aesthetic appeal. It looks so elegant and lustrous, which can give a distinctive atmosphere to vanities, floorings, walls, kitchens and bathrooms.


Countertop Colors

You have the ability to add a touch of color to your kitchen, give it some life, maybe a little warmth, depending on your personal palette. How about Blue Bahia granite? Or perhaps Rosso Monza quartz from Silestone? Maybe something in marble, with its sleek aesthetic? We offer over 20 shades of it in a broad range of hues from Crema Marfil Select to St. Laurent black. Quartz is available in a wide range of colors, textures and shades as well, such as white, black, veined, cool, warm, and many more shades in a variety of textures.

Why Ottawa Stone Master?

Ottawa Stone Master has worked with many homeowners to build the kitchen they have been dreaming of. As the heart of a home, it is crucial to have a kitchen that does not only work well but also gives you a unique feel every time you enter.

We can transform a simple, boring kitchen to a sophisticated one with our team of experts with long years of experience in providing state-of-the-art services in the industry. Ottawa Stone Master is a premier service provider when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Browse through our gallery and take full advantage of the top-notch services we provide. If you are unsure what to do with your kitchen, our skilled team will give you professional advice. When you choose Ottawa Stone Master for your kitchen requirements, rest assured that you are working only with the best. Whether you are looking for a sleek, traditional kitchen style or you prefer the elegant feel of a modern one, we are the right kitchen stone masters to consider.

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