Bathroom Vanities

Take your bathroom experience to the next level with high quality, appealing bathroom vanities.


Are you thinking about building a stylish bathroom? Or maybe, you want to redecorate your bathroom. Whether you want to increase the value of your property or you just want to take your bathroom experience to a higher level, installing high quality, stylish bathroom vanities is a wonderful idea.

Bathroom vanities at Ottawa Stone Master provide a fantastic way to get the functionality you require while saving time. It is just a matter of determining the right one that will meet your needs. Our dedicated professionals will help you in every step of the way to make sure that you get only the best services and products you truly deserve.

What to Consider when Looking for Bathroom Vanities?

Whether you want modern or traditional bathroom vanities, we have just everything for you. For your guide, here are some of the important things you have to consider before buying the right bathroom vanity.

  • Your Storage Requirement – determine the storage you will require. Look for bathroom vanities with cabinets and drawers built into their design if you are in need of a lot of storage. You can usually find modern bathroom vanities at Ottawa Stone Master that have as much storage space as others.
  • The Style or Design – If you want to maximize the space in your bathroom while enjoying its attractive appearance, then make sure that the design and style of the bathroom vanity matches your design requirements. If you prefer a coordinated look, try to look for modern bathroom vanities with matching storage cabinets. Creating a unified look can be a really practical way of creating a good flow in a small space. Using a bathroom vanity with a good space saving design is also a good investment.
  • The Size – The size of your bathroom vanity should depend on the size of your bathroom. Of course you do not want it to be either too small or too big for your bathroom. There are some size options you can consider such as double and single sink bathroom vanities, small pedestal, corner style units and others. Some also come with cabinets, drawers or shelves.
  • Colors and Finishes – Choose the right vanity color that will match your bathroom. There are set of finishes that you can also choose from. You can go for a more traditional them or modern approach. At Ottawa Stone Master, there are various wood finishes you can also choose from, including Maple, Cherry, Oak and Mahogany. If you prefer, they can also be mixed and matched to create a more unique combination.


Colors and Style

You can either go with a set of styles and finishes that follow a muted traditional theme, or you can opt for a more modern approach. Either way, you’ll be leaving a unique style statement.

We offer vanities in one of four wood finishes: Mahogany, Oak, Cherry and Maple. The products include Kas, Modera, Nikko models, Solo models and many more. These can all be mixed and matched to produce unique combinations.

You could go with the earthy natural wood shade. Or you could go with a darker look with a bold wood shade, which would go really well with a Carrara marble countertop.

And of course, we couldn’t possibly be done if we didn’t offer a good variety of mirrors! These are custom made and designed to go with your particular Vanity designs. As such you can be assured that the whole decor would go splendidly together.


Why Ottawa Stone Master for your Bathroom Vanity Needs?

If you are looking for a way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, choose the best quality bathroom vanities at Ottawa Stone Master. We are the real master in helping home or even business owners improve the beauty and economic value of their property.

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