Bathroom Tubs

Soak, relax, rejuvenate and enjoy – Create the Bath Experience you’ve been dreaming of with premier bathroom tubs in Ottawa.


There is nothing more heavenly than to have a warm bath after a very hectic day at work or school. However, the experience will certainly become more blissful when you have a luxurious bathroom tub that will let you block out the world outside and just enjoy the soothing experience of being it in. Indeed, bathroom tubs are ideal bathroom feature that must not be overlooked.

About Ottawa Stone Master Bath Tubs and Shower Bases

We offer beautiful Travertine bathroom tubs here at Ottawa Stone Master, and depending on your personal preferences we can have these made in various depths, color, shape and even length. Our materials are generally sourced from Europe and when a sale is made, we make sure to custom design the bath tub according to our customers specific needs and desires. Hence, you can expect a tub that would best suit you and the aesthetic of your bathroom. Trav-ertine is a great material for tubs because it has a beautiful surface and it has the ability to seal against molding, a common concern amongst tub users. The bath tubs are available in the fol-lowing shapes: Rectangular, Square, Neo-angle, and Round.


We also offer shower bases, custom made in any shape you deem necessary. You’re merely a call away from getting the bathroom of your needs. Our customer service agents are here to assist you, and once you’ve made a decision they can immediately set up the shower base in any shape, color or pattern.

Do you Need a Bathroom Tub?

Your bathroom can be your refuge, as it provides a unique level of relaxation and privacy. This is especially true when you are in your bathroom tub immersed in warm, soothing water. For a while you can actually block out the world outside and allow the warmth to caress your skin. Instead of a luxurious feature in the bathroom, bathtubs are now gaining so much popularity these days due to the distinctive benefits they provide.


Whether for relaxation or adding an elegant touch to your bathroom, tubs are a perfect bathroom feature you can consider. Having bathtubs installed in your home is also an ideal way of increasing the value of your property.

Here in Ottawa Stone Master, we are committed to improving your bathroom tub experience. We provide expert services with our reliable team with long years of experience in the industry. We provide elegant designs and styles of bathroom tubs for a more unique bathing experience for everyone.

Why Bathroom Tubs from Ottawa Stone Master?

  • We offer a wide variety of bathroom tubs that come in different materials, styles, colors and designs. Depending on the personal preferences of our customers, we can have every bathroom tub made in various shape, color, depths and length.
  • The bathroom tub materials we have are of paramount quality. We also offer custom designs to make sure that we attain what our customers requires. With Ottawa Stone Master, you can always make sure that your tub would match the aesthetics of your bathroom and suit you.
  • Ottawa Stone Master is your industry leader when it comes to providing simple yet elegant bathroom tubs. We serve customers around Ottawa, Kanata and Orleans area, continuously delivering unparalleled services that will not only meet the needs of our customers but will also exceed their expectations.

Your bathroom can be your sanctuary. It can be a reflection of you and it is serene, tranquil and personal. At Ottawa Stone Master, we want to provide you the highest quality bathing experience. From a simple bathroom tub to luxurious upgrades, there is always a bathtub that will meet your personal requirements. Take a nice soak and relax. Choose from our wide range of sophisticated and quality bathroom tubs.

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