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Simple, modern and sophisticated bathroom sinks – transform your bathroom to a more elegant and exceptional feel.


Bathroom sinks can make or break the design of your bathroom that is why it is crucial to install the right one that will not only improve the aesthetic value of your bathroom but will also boost your property’s economic value. At Ottawa Stone Master, we carry a huge range of state-of-the-art bathroom sinks that will serve as your bathroom’s perfect certerpiece.

Whether you are redesigning your bathroom or building a new one, we have everything you need to obtain a sleek, modern feel you have always wanted. Whatever bathroom style you want, Ottawa Stone Master has plenty of options to obtain the look and feel you want for your bathroom. We have a wide variety of styles and colors you can choose from. Choose the best one that will blend perfectly with the rest of your bathroom design and décor.

Why Buy Bathroom Sinks at Ottawa Stone Master?

With the number of providers in the market these days, it can really be daunting to find the right one that will suit you. You may wonder which one is really the best. Well, your search for the best bathroom sinks is now over! Ottawa Stone Master is the most reliable company in the Ottawa, Kanata and Orleans area to provide you with top-notch services you need.

  • We Customize! We know that everyone is different and has unique needs and requirements. For this reason, we are pleased to provide customized services to make sure that our individual clients will get appropriate services that suit their tastes. Our professional team always ensure that your bathroom sinks fit perfectly.
  • We Offer a Wide Range of Bathroom Sink Styles. Ottawa Stone Master offers a wide range of bathroom sinks with the latest technology and innovations for a bathroom sink that does not just looks great but also works amazingly. We always ensure that we have something that will match the accent of your property.
  • We Focus on our Customers. At Ottawa Stone Master, our sole priority is you! We make sure that we have state-of-the-art services and products to guarantee customer satisfaction. We deliver our excellent services professionally and we employ only the industry experts who have long years of experience in the market. Every product we have is of great quality.


One of the great things about buying from Ottawa Stone Master is that we also offer customiza-tions if necessary or desired. We can make sure that your sink fits in well with the general aes-thetic principle settled by the vanity and countertop. You may even buy the three as a package deal.

Now as for the shape, sinks are available in a lot of them, such as the rectangular or the D-Shape. There are several other considerations to keep in mind. If you are simply replacing an existing sink, then you need to make sure that the new one is a correct fit for your countertop and vanity. However, if you’re rebuilding the whole bathroom, a complete renovation, then it is advisable to get the three items as a complete unit.

Furthermore, there are also various types of sinks, which depends upon your personal require-ments and preferences. A pedestal sink is a great choice for small guest bedrooms where stor-age isn’t an issue. However, the under-counter sink is a modern choice which is both clean and has considerable usable counter space. As for the large bathroom, often adjoining the main bedroom, you might want to install an above-counter sink as it creates a good focal point by be-ing situated over the countertop.

The faucet design should be compatible with the sink and the two should have matching hole punching in the centre.

The final consideration is the color of the sink. We offer four prominent shades - onyx, black, white and beige.


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SSelect the best perfect bathroom sink for your property. If you find yourself struggling to identify the perfect sink for your bathroom, the experts at Ottawa Stone Master are here to assist you. Finding and choosing the ideal bathroom sink does not have to be too complicated, especially if you have a reliable professional with you. We offer prominent services to suit your individual needs.

No matter what bathroom design or style you have, ensure that Ottawa Stone Master have just the right bathroom sinks to accentuate the beauty of your bathroom. You do not have to go any further! Ottawa Stone Master is always available to assist you!

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